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Bc107 datasheet, equivalent, cross reference search. Transistor equivalents for the substitution of modern. Transistor equivalent circuits and models learning objectives general dc equivalent circuit ac equivalent circuit equivalent circuit of a cb amplifier effect of source resistance r s on voltage gain equivalent circuit of a ce amplifier equivalent circuit of a cc amplifier smallsignal lowfrequency model or representation. Heat sinks and fans increase the ability of a transistor to dissipate heat. Although the software seems a bit ugly design running on dos, but it works perfectly with the database with many components and is free, makes an interesting tool to interested in electronics, want to know when information about a particular component or find a replacement the operation is quite simple and is separated by categories such as. Bipolar transistors database contain more than 46000 transistor data npn and pnp transistors. Orders for 33 or more ship same day or within 48hrs. Ss90 transistor pinout, equivalent, uses, features. Semiconductor transistor, diode, ic cross reference. Transistor equivalent list 8ch pnp darlington transistor array pnp octal darlington transistor arrays equivalent transistor 2sk td62783 equivalent 2sk1078 td62783 pnp darlington transistor array td62504 equivalent text. Pricing and availability on millions of electronic components from digikey electronics. Transistor equivalent c945 may be insufficient information to determine an accurate replacement device. Marking of electronic components, smd codes 5b, 5b, 5b.

Should you find any info that can fill in any of the blanks in the matrix below. This software is freeware and may be used commercially and privately for free. The links at left may help you to research your own replacement transistors. List of circuit design analysis simulation software. Hi friends i need a software or any book to find the equivalent or substitute of. Looking for equivalent transistor electrical engineering. The original machine used a mpsa transistor which is no longer readily available and i need to find a substitute part. Bc301 datasheet, equivalent, cross reference search.

B647 datasheet, b647 pdf, b647 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf. Marking of electronic components, smd codes 5b, 5b, 5b, 5b1, 5bw, 5bp, 5bt. Ib, ic, ie, ve, vb, vc, vce and detection of saturation or cutoff. General purpose transistors technical data and comparison tables. Datasheets bc80725, bc80725lt1g, bc80725w, kst4123, mm1z10, mm5z6v8, st6205bs23rg. Bipolar transistors database bipolar transistors database contain more than 46000 transistor data npn. Pc max ucb max uce max ueb max ic max ft max cctip pf hfe tj euro equivalent, usa equivalent, ussr equivalent, japan equivalent. Is there any website which could help me find an equivalent transistor. Look for something an npn transistor might be called an rf transistor, of course with similar or somewhat higher ft, similar or somewhat lower cob, and hfe in the same range to make it more likely it oscillates, and similar or somewhat higher pd, vceo, and ic to make sure it doesnt burn out package is up to you whether you want to try to duplicate it or not that one to106. Create a project open source software business software top downloaded projects. Hi everyone, ive been working on restoring an old gotlieb pinball machine and had a few questions about hfe of transistors. Download ic database equivalent guide 100 thousand. Can you please tell me what can i use instead of them.

Electronic circuit design and simulation software list. Cross reference universal transistor reference page 1 eevblog electronics community forum. D1275 datasheet, d1275 pdf, d1275 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf. Bipolar transistors database bipolar transistors database contain more than 46000 transistor data npn and pnp transistors. Hi, i was trying to build the circuit for 50 w transistor amplifier on multisim but i couldnt find transistor bc286 and bc287. After searching digikey, i believe that a bc517 transistor would be a suitable replacement. Cross reference universal transistor reference page 1. Transistor equivalents for the substitution of modern transistors in elderly projects. Is the bc517 transistor a suitable replacement for the mps.

However, it will provide an acceptable substitute in the majority of typical applications. Maximum power, called p d, is the overall power a transistor can dissipate, through heat, without burning up. How to develop a defensive plan for your opensource software project. The stac150v2350e is a high voltage nchannel mos fieldeffect rf power transistor especially designed for 150v industrial rf power class e generators such as pecvd plasma sputtering, flat panel and solar cells manufacturing equipments. Electro tech is an online community with over 170,000 members who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. The first datasheet also has the same typo potableportable so you can use the ss90 not only in your eda software but also in your. The id printed on components can be misleading, and is sometimes a shortened version of all the info needed for an accurate crossreference. Although on semiconductors cross reference devices are functionally comparable to other manufacturers published information, we recommend.

Sqt7011k datasheet, sqt7011k datasheet, sqt7011k pdf, sqt7011k pinout, sqt7011k data, sqt7011k circuit, manual, substitute, parts, schematic, reference. If you cant find a listed equivalent,one good philosophy is to look at the circuit the device is used in. F 24 zelectrical characteristics ta25qc zmarking type no. Cross reference universal transistor reference read 14021 times. Pls i need transistor equivalent of ztx300 and 2n3705. Recent listings manufacturer directory get instant insight into any electronic component. Hello friends, i hope you all got benefited with our previous article on electronic circuit drawing softwares today we are bringing you a great collection of circuit simulators which are at the same time can be used for circuit drawing, circuit design and analysis as well. Once the transistor specifications and parameters have been ascertained, it is possible to check for other replacement transistor types with similar parameters that. Bipolar transistors database contain more than 46000 transistor. Choosing transistor replacements electronics notes. Bu515 can be replaced with bu508, because both are used in tv horizontal deflection section. Bc327 cross reference electronic circuits, tv schematics. Iam searching for the equivalent of d965 transistor. Low vcesat biss transistors single npn cost effective replacements for larger alternatives our low vcesat biss devices are the perfect solution for keeping your designs power consumption and heat dissipation to a minimum.

Then a transistor with no series emitter resistor and its base biased at 0. Sir, can anyone help me finding replacement of power transistors. Download npn dcbias calc voltage divider bias npn bipolar. Is there any foc software available for stm32 nucleo64 g474re board. Electrical engineering news and products electronics engineering resources, articles, forums, tear down videos and technical electronics howtos. I decided to use ksp2222a to replace the bc548, and mpsh10 for the bf494. Alternative transistors for ss90 are s90, s8050, 2n2222, bc337, bc338, output pins of some equivalents are.

They give you high quality, high performance in countless applications, from strobe flash units to dcdc conversion. Hello everybody, im currently taking electrical engineering as senior physics major at fordham university and have decided to take on a little side project to gain a better understanding. For instance i want to replace bc106 and 2n3634 with others that act the same. Diode 1n9148 1n4307 1n4532 diode 1n3605 2n2222 chip 2n2369 transistor se708 ma1704 ma1703 text.

What im attempting to create is my own transistor logic rs232 rs232 refers to the serial. A to5 transistor with a p d of 3 watts might be able to dissipate 810 watts with a heat sink. The information presented in on semiconductors cross reference tool is based on our best estimate of other manufacturers published information at the time that we collected this information. For the best answers, search on this site mosfets are a type of transistor but they dont function like a bijunction transistor, like the 2n3055. So after testing the components we have super fancy stuff here at work since we make pcb components, it looks like the 3055t transistor is bad comparing it to a new oneso, i am going to replace that to see if it resolves the issue. The transistor equivalent circuit can now be evolved with the twopole formulae for the transistor fundamental circuit in fig. Ic cross reference cross reference ci stk cross reference ci tda cross reference ci sharp cross reference hitachi audio ic cross reference and circuit applications smd cross reference and equivalent we make every effort to ensure that the material on this site is accurate, however we do not warrant or represent that the information is free.

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