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List of wizards of waverly place episodes wikipedia. Alex is a 20 american madefortelevision comedydrama fantasy special episode based on the disney channel original series wizards of waverly place. Meanwhile, the kids get a magical chicken that can tell them the answer to anything. Last nights disney channel original movie the wizards return. I promise you nobodys gonna figure out that were wizards. The wizards of waverly place or, is that bleecker street. A year after the last wizards of waverly place episode aired, we get a first look at art from the onehour reunion special airing this march, the wizards return. It was directed by victor gonzalez and filmed primarily in disney studios in october and november 2012. She is the only daughter of jerry and theresa russo, the younger sister of justin and the older sister of max. Greenwald, and stars selena gomez, david henrie and jake t. Austin as three wizard siblings with magical abilities. The movie, disney fans favorite spell casters head to the caribbean for a vacation thats interrupted by a magical mishap that threatens to unravel the russo family itself. The movie concerned the russo family spending their vacation in the caribbean. In the movie the wizards will be teleported to an ancient.

Dark secrets about wizards of waverly place you never knew about. According to the wizards of waverly place movie, alex beats justin, but then wishes everything back to normal, and by doing that, her full wizard powers are gone, so the battle is still on. Wizards of waverly place season 3edit episodes edit. But where hannah montana the movie eliminated almost all the comedic elements from the show, wizards does maintain a few quite hilarious moments along the way. The series premiered from october 12, 2007 to january 6, 2012 spanning 4 seasons, and produced 106 episodes along with an hourlong return episode that premiered on march 15, 20. Fanfiction romance wizards waverly place more report. Good alex must find a way to save her family and humankind, which leads to a monumental battle between the two versions of herself all atop the tower of pisa. Wizards of waverly place is an american fantasy teen sitcom which ran from october 12, 2007 to january 6, 2012 on disney channel. The kids and the family live normal lives but what their friends dont know is the kids are wizards in training and the dad was a former wizard. Jalex justin and alex who are brother and sister is the most popular ship for wizards of waverly place. The wizards of waverly place and star selena gomez couldnt quite capture the magic of the hit franchises heyday. Wizards of waverly place episode list disney wiki fandom.

As with hannah montana the movie, a more serious approach has been given to the wizards of waverly place the movie, which distinct it self from the more loony tone of the series. The wizard competition is a magical battle between wizarding siblings to decide who will become the family wizard full wizard. List of wizards of waverly place episodesthis season consisted of 28 episodes. Wizards of waverly place entered an essay contest and won a trip for himself. Wizards of waverly place was an american disney channel original series which ran from october 12, 2007 to january 6, 2012 on disney channel. The movie was filmed primarily in san juan, puerto rico between february and march 2009. But this summer while touring through greenwich village, one of our younger clients was very excited to be on the same street as the fictional russo family. Greenwald, and stars selena gomez, david henrie, and jake t. This charming storybook, told from alex russos point of view, will surely delight fans of this hit comedy series. The reason why theres a wizard competition is because only one wizarding sibling that is becoming the family wizard must be proved to be worthy and responsible with hisher powers. The russo family is a wizarding family that has its roots back in italy and possibly back to ancient rome who at some point emigrated to the united states, more precisely new york city. Who keeps their powers on wizards of waverly place answers. When it is announced that a huge asteroid is hurtling toward the earth, the russos decide to hide in the wizard world, but alex, justin and max change their minds and go into space to destroy the asteroid. Uncle ernesto has no idea that the russos have magic abilities, so they promise a magic free night so that he can come over for a birthday dinner.

Wizards of waverly place wizards vs werewolves fight sence duration. A typical family, which includes a mom, theresa russo. The following is a list of episodes and film for the disney channel original series wizards of waverly place. Young readers everywhere will devour this 8 x 8 filled with tons of fullcolor stills from the magical wizards of waverly place disney channel original movie, stone of dreams, which will air in august 2009. Disney channels new wizards of waverly place tv movie.

Alex makes a wish that goes awry due to magic and she must team up with her siblings to reverse the effects. Selena gomez and david henrie appear in all episodes. Wizard competition wizards of waverly place wiki fandom. Wizards of waverly place movie alex vs justin youtube. Wizards of waverly place funniest moments season 4 duration. Wizards return on disney channel with this wizards of waverly place special episode wizards return. The movie is a 2009 american madefortelevision comedydrama fantasy film based on the disney channel original series wizards of waverly place. It may also be a case of getting crap past the radar. This use to be on my old channel on ccsky1540 but it got deleted. Thor2000 a nightmare on waverly place, a new ghost in the shop and a battle between good alex and evil alex as alex once again breaks the rules and might end up replaced over them. Now you can play tic tac toe with rapunzel and pascal from the disney channel series, tangled. Spiro and filmed primarily in san juan, puerto rico in february and march 2009. Jennifer stone and david deluise were absent for three episodes.

In an attempt to recover the diary, the brothers accidentally place gigi inside the book and into alexs secret fairytale princess world. The number of children why did jerry and theresa have three children if they knew there was a. Wizards of waverly place the movie extended edition features exclusive footage, behindthescenes bonus and awesome extras that take you deeper into the mysterious world of wizardry. Hotel scenes were shot at the caribe hilton hotel in san juan while the main cave scene, where alex, justin and archie are climbing inside to the cave, was shot inside cueva ventana in arecibo as well as a land next to the mountain where the cave resides in which alex asks for directions to the cave. Chapter 11end wizards of waverly placejustin russo. Its back, lets see if i can get more than 12,000 views this time. Austin as three wizard siblings with magical abilities competing to win sole custody of the family powers. The movie tv movie 2009 david deluise as jerry russo. Ive been studying battle spells for the past 10 years of my life. After evil alex traps all of her family in the bracelet, the two alexs have the. List of wizards of waverly place characters wikipedia. Selena gomez, wizards of waverly place reunite for new. In the movie the wizards will be teleported to an ancient battlefield. Alex russo is the main protagonist of the fantasyteen sitcom, wizards of waverly place.

The movie qualifies as decent family fantasy is a pleasant and major surprise to me. Wizards of waverly place movie alex vs justin thehelpermode3000. The last disney channel original movie i could endorse as easily was the kindred even stevens movie all the way back in 2003. Chapter 11end wizards of waverly placejustin russo love story chapter 11end cynthia i found it. This season was filmed from july 7, 2009 march 31, 2010. Wizards also participated in a massive crossover event titled wizards on deck with hannah montana the series finale aired on. The movie, jerry gives justin the family wand and the spell book which alex steals accidentally wishing her parents never met or fell in love, but it was resolved ironically by alex herself, the reckless one out of his three children, who also surprisingly won the premature family wizard competition against. Then we saw the huge ratings numbers the wizards movie. In terms of the wizards of waverly place movie, the wizard competition took place after max had been sucked into the vortex that threatened to erase. Wizards of waverly place maze of destiny disney lol. Its earliest known member is ignacius russo, a wizard that made the first joke book on giants. Embark on a supernaturally exciting adventure as the russos, your favorite family of wizardsintraining, join together on a quest full of heartstopping action and hilarious magical mishaps. Selena gomez is headed back to her disney channel roots the singeractress will reprise her role as alex in a new wizards of waverly place television movie, which she also will executive produce.

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